silver & gold.

Can someone please acknowledge that I exist like right now??

Also, I am passionately against

-political pay outs
-talking to ex’s
-animal cruelty
-people being rude
-the Republican Party
-lack of mental health awareness
-not being politically correct
-and with that the misuse “retard”
-being told my “limits”
-how unfair life is (wah, I know)
-not being given a chance to speak


Today has literally been one of the worsts, just in case that wasn’t evident by the fact that this is my 2nd text post within 1 hour. It’s hard to be me. Someone teach me how to be better.

I need to end everything a say/write with “2 sensitive 4 u” because I’m basically the most sensitive person alive. And on top of that morality courses through my veins. And when I defend myself or feel like I’m not being listened to I say things that cut deeper than I even know. AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT I’M STILL LEARNING HOW TO COPE WITH LITERALLY EVERYTHING SO IT SEEMS LIKE I’M BEING AN ASSHOLE BUT I PROMISE IT’S ALL INNOCENT AND THAT I’M TRYING TO BE BETTER THAN WHAT I CURRENTLY AM AND THAT I’M NOT TAKING BREAKS I JUST GET WORN THIN SOMETIMES.